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  • I worked for a company and I had an emergency whereas I passed out and instead of coworker calling 911 first she called the boss

    That coworker was fired on the spot and then my hours was cut short and I went from doing a great job at work to someone who was at fault for others mistakes just because I worked with any other coworker. Mistakes were made by others but I get ye...

    Ryan’s Answer

    An employer can fire you for any reason, including no reason, as long as it doesn't include anything in the "protected classes" which include:
    Equal Pay
    Gender Identity or Expression
    National Origin
    Sexual Harassment
    Sexual Orientation

    Like Nicholas mentioned, there *may* be something related to disability here if that was impeding your employment, but it doesn't jump out at me. Actually your comment clears up a lot, since there was the issue with the storage boxes, and they *can* fire you for that or anything related to it without any recourse for you.

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  • Is there a lawyer that will help me collect my claim of $5,300 from my former employer?

    I was awarded $5,300 from the OKDOL on a judgement against my former employer. I have not gone to small claims court yet, though it only costs $208 for filing and for the sheriff to deliver that claim. There is no court cost according to the court...

    Ryan’s Answer

    If all you need is the filing of the judgment and then to pay the sheriff/constable, you can probably do that yourself or with guidance of your local Legal Aid. The Sheriff will usually do the collecting for you.

    Honestly you're going to have a problem hiring a private attorney because the amount awarded is relatively small for the work required to collect it.

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  • Once an offer is made how long and who determines how long the offer is on the table?

    Offer was made, did not take it, hired an attorney privately, charged me 10 thousand to bring exact same offer a nd when I said I needed to think overnight he dropped me and said offer is no longer valid

    Ryan’s Answer

    Is this in an employment lawsuit?

    The side making the offer to settle usually sets the terms of the offer, including the acceptance deadline. If you counteroffer, it is usually a rejection of their offer.

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  • First offense Dui , no drivers liscense, and caused a collision involving 2 car's on the freeway.

    Basically, my best friend was driving her mother's car and wrecked her mother's car worth(40,000) dollars she was charged with these 3 misdemeanor's above, and she's 26 yrs. of age. The people are injured ,but not life threatening in the accident...

    Ryan’s Answer

    At least:
    1. DUI School:
    2. Victim Impact Panel:
    3. $585 fine

    Like Ben mentioned, perhaps an alcohol addiction evaluation (which brings more classes and perhaps counseling).

    There might be an additional fine for the 'due care' although often that will be negotiated out with the DUI plea.

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  • Can my boss deduct money from my pay check for ANYTHING he feels I am responsable for?

    He took money because a man claimed money (a pay-out from a poker machine) that wasnt his. I didn't know it wasn't until a lady asked for it when it was her turn at my register. I then realized what happened and gave the lady her money. The ...

    Ryan’s Answer

    Are you a member of a union? Do you work at a casino, or an establishment with gaming like a tavern?

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  • Personal Injury

    A person who has been stalking me, is bragging to people that she implicated me in a murder case to a grand jury in Washoe County Nevada. The DA confirmed that she testified, can I find out this person's testimony about me? This person knows nothi...

    Ryan’s Answer

    You should meet with a divorce attorney and discuss the potential for a Temporary Protective Order against this woman. Unfortunately, she sounds like a lot of bad news.

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  • Can you get layoff wile you on workers comp?

    i am trying to collect unemployment and i was denied twice , i was layoff wile on workers comp

    Ryan’s Answer

    It depends on what type of workers' compensation, but generally, worker's compensation and unemployment are treated separately.

    What was the reason you were denied unemployment? Note that unemployment and state/Social Security disability benefits cannot be had at the same time.

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  • What options do I have if I would like to propose a buyout to my employer over time so he can retire early?

    My employer is looking to retire in about 5-10 years. He has told me that I am the future of this business and in 5-10 years he plans on giving it to me. In the mean time I would like to slowly start gaining ownership to provide myself with longte...

    Ryan’s Answer

    There's really no set formula. One way would be to propose to him a schedule of options that vest over time, so that you can take incremental ownership of a part of the company before he retires. You might want to set a schedule or a method of valuing the company for a buyout if he expects that. Maybe he'll "carry the note" on the business by financing it with future income (ie. you pay him for a period a % of the company). Maybe he would agree now to a right of first refusal if he decides to sell later.

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  • Please help, questions about probation and shoplifting.

    I was caught shoplifting alcohol under age, I am also on probation. The security said they would "not waste the cops time" so I was released to my parent. No police were involved at all. But I do intend to pay the civil demand. My questions are: 1...

    Ryan’s Answer

    It is not likely that they will pursue charges if they indicated they wouldn't and they sent a civil demand. Jail would have been more likely if they would have taken you in cuffs right away. As far as order, the police would actually write the report from the victim's statement, and then submit it to the county to "press charges" against you in juvenile court, so the police would know first. You will probably be off probation before any appearance if they do start.

    Anything is possible regarding your probation, so I can't really speculate. It could be that the juvenile court magistrate doesn't find out at all.

    There's a surefire way to stay out of jail though: stop breaking the law intentionally, and don't hang out with bad kids.

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