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Ryan Alexander

About Ryan Alexander

About me

I practice primarily in the areas of personal injury, criminal defense and consumer bankruptcy.  I am experienced in both transactional and litigation matters.

I have experience in copyright and trademark infringement litigation, commercial and entertainment contract litigation. In transactional work, I have personally handled motion picture finance, television deals, reality show performance contracts, record deals, record label foundations, management contracts, song licensing, band merchandising, music publishing, songwriter and production deals, motion picture development contracts, as well as copyright and trademark counseling and filing.

I also have experience in the areas of Nevada business formation and franchises.  I have been featured as an alumni guest speaker at Harvard Law School, and as a guest presenter at the International Academy of Design and Emerson College.


The personal side: “I grew up in the Niagara region of Ontario, Canada, spending much of my childhood on a farm outside a steeltown about 15 miles from Buffalo, New York. My mother’s family were mostly union iron and steelworkers, my father a military officer.  During my teen years, things got more exciting and through a random series of events I was able to spend time in Germany with my father, and later attended boarding school in New Zealand and then college in Hawaii.  I developed a strong affinity for the people and cultures of Polynesia, and even performed in Samoan and Maori culture dance troupes.

During college I took two years off to serve a religious mission in Seattle, Washington, where I worked solely with the Spanish-speaking immigrants in the metro Seattle area.  We not only taught doctrine but helped people find jobs, establish social groups and make new friends, get furniture for their empty homes, and helped people integrate and build lives in America.  Their problems were our problems, and those years working with Latin families in their homes gave me invaluable insight into the communities and the struggles of Hispanic immigrants to the USA.  It was also in Seattle that I first considered being an attorney - I never even knew any lawyers before then… a big departure from wanting to be an artist.  I returned to Hawaii, changed majors from Visual Art to International Business, and worked on getting into law school.

When I went to law school at Harvard, I was the only person who said they wanted to be a plaintiff’s lawyer; a friend who is an injury lawyer won me over with stories about his cases helping severely injured people.  I was also the only person in the whole class to start their own practice right away, as soon as I was licensed I formed my first practice.  And I’ve been proud to help people who have been injured, people accused of crimes, families in financial trouble, artists and small business owners with intellectual property issues and more.  I like working with people and now enjoy the ‘counselor’ role of the attorney.

I’m married with three young children.  I enjoy movies and documentaries, photography and graphic design, exotic sports cars and languages.  Still dabbling in Photoshop and typography, I also created the infamous Hello Kitty Ferrari that went around the internet.”

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