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  • What is "Discovery" in a Criminal Case?

    Discovery/Police Reports - The police reports and other evidence provided to defense counsel in a criminal case is commonly referred to as discovery. Discovery is either provided at the arraignment hearing, or can be obtained from the prosecuting agency via written request. ...

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  • Nevada DUI Laws - Proposed Change

    In Nevada's 2011 legislative session, one bill has created a stir among its proponents and opponents. The bill is Senate Bill 72. Senate Bill 72 seeks to revise provisions governing the assignment of certain criminal offenders, particularly those convicted of DUI causing death or...

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  • The Criminal Complaint Or Information

    Criminal cases begin with either a criminal complaint or information. A criminal complaint or information is the initial pleading document that the prosecutor files with the court against a defendant that alleges criminal conduct. Many people have the mistaken belief that the...

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  • Probable Cause To Arrest

    In order for you to be arrested, the arresting authority (usually a police officer in the jurisdiction you are in) must have probable cause to arrest. As a general rule, probable cause defined as (1) a police officer's reasonable belief that you have (2) committed a crime; or th...

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  • Bail Process

    Most defendants accused of crimes are entitled to reasonable bail. The initial bail amount is usually a standard amount set by the courts, and determined by the arresting entity at the detention facility. The exact bail amount for each crime committed is published by the courts...

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  • Arraignments Explained

    Many people accused of committing a crime believe they can show up at the initial court hearing and plead their case to a judge. This is a common misconception. The court is not interested in hearing evidence at the initial court hearing, or arraignment. The arraignment is t...

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  • Las Vegas Casino Marker Cases

    What Is a Casino Marker? A casino marker is a casino line of credit that gamblers/casino patrons can use to obtain gaming chips to gamble with. Casino markers are issued to gamblers who have the ability to pay the money back if they lose. Casino markers are not just issued to ...

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