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James P. Plitz

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  • Recommendation For James Plitz

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Andrew and Christine

    We would recommend James as a Trust Attorney without hesitation. While he is extremely knowledgeable, he is also down to earth. He takes the time to educate you using every-day layman's language. He is genuinely interested in you and not just interested in only what he needs to know to do the job and receive payment. He listens and asks questions until he has a thorough understanding of your needs and wants.

    Because a trust attorney is an attorney you can have for a long time and the attorney helping you navigate the loss of a loved one, it is especially important that you can have complete and total trust in him or her. With James we have found an attorney we can have that trust in, and we both feel safe knowing that when losses happen to either one of us or our children it is James we are turning to.

  • Great Trust Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Trusts client

    James is our trust lawyer. We met with him to update our Living Trust. He was very easy to work with and explained all of the legal jargon in a clear and concise manner. He used visual aids while he presented his information, which was very helpful for my husband and I.
    He is thorough, friendly, and knowledgeable. He answered our questions promptly via email, and was also available by phone, as well as his legal assistant.
    He gave us written information re: our tasks (updating accounts for the trust, etc.), and let us know when everything was completed. His front office is also helpful. Our appointments were made quickly and easily, with specific instructions included.
    I would definitely recommend James Plitz to anyone who needs a trust or estate attorney.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Da


    I am VERY relieved to see the corrected attachment.

    I am VERY relieved to have this much progress this week. I don't handle this sort of official not-so-trivial administrivia all that well, typically. You've made it RELATIVELY painless. And your timely responses have been a super surprise, given other experiences with other lawyers in a variety of situations.

    You are in danger of raising my estimation of SOME lawyers in my eyes. LOL.

    It is a pleasure to work with you--all the phone calls and email exchanges have been just the sort I'd like to have. Most welcome.

    You were personable, gracious, informed, understanding, perceptive, discerning, KIND, pleasant, forthright, candid, professional, practical, wise--wiser than your years, I'd say; thoughtful and just plain exceedingly helpful in all the ways I'd have asked for had I known what to ask for. LOL.

    Thanks enormously.

    Will plan to get you the copies back this evening or tomorrow.

    May God richly reward you and those you love for your kindnesses to me in this whole process.

    You have left me feeling negligible trepidation about going forward to set up my own late life trust. That's a huge relief. Of course, I couldn't think of doing it through/with anyone else but you, even though I have the prepaid legal service.

    I particularly appreciated your very down-to-earth layman's language in practical yet very professional terms. I didn't ever hang up the phone and have to wonder if there were double meanings or hidden aspects of what you'd laid out for me regarding the trust, the legalities, the critical and necessary factors etc.

    And, your professionalism and quick and ready knowledge gave me every confidence that your advice would stand up in any venue, context or test.

    I also greatly appreciated your candor about the legalities on one hand and the practicalities on the other when they were not always in sync.

    Dad's death left a huge hole in my life with lots of challenging decisions. However, from the beginning, you were a bright light of hope, peace, calm and functional effectiveness that I could lean very comfortably on in navigating the mine field evidently unavoidably left after such a death.

    Thanks more than I can express.

    God's best to you and yours.
    D B X