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Jonathan A Millet

Jonathan Millet’s Legal Guides

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  • Duties of Trustees and Personal Representatives under Arizona Law.

    Trustees owe four main duties to trust beneficiaries under Arizona law. This guide discusses those duties. You should consider whether the person named or to be named as a successor trustee can proper

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  • Joint Accounts and Beneficiary Designations in Arizona

    Using joint accounts and beneficiary designations in Arizona can often create unintended consequences. This guide discusses some of the issues. What could go wrong if I list someone else as a joint ac

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  • Small Estate Affidavits in Yavapai County Superior Court

    This guide explains what small estate affidavits are in Arizona and provides directions on how to find and fill out the form provided by the Yavapai County Superior Court. When can you use an affidavi

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  • Photo Radar Procedures in Arizona

    Notice of Violation In Arizona a Notice of Violation is usually issued after the camera flashes. This is prior to an actual ticket. Rule 38, Rules of Procedure, Civil Traffic & Civil Boating Cases. (

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  • Civil Lawsuits in Arizona -- FAQs

    Complaint and Summons In Arizona, a civil lawsuit begins by serving a complaint and a summons. A complaint is a legal document that formally charges or alleges that another person or company violate

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  • Basic Guide to Answering a Civil Complaint in Arizona

    Disclaimer This guide only provides general advice on some phrases that lawyers often use when answering a complaint. It also refers to the Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure. Please read the most cu

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