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Susan M. Schauf

About Susan Schauf

About me

The mission of Susan M. Schauf, PLLC is to provide quality legal services at a reasonable price. We treat each client with dignity and respect. Each case is unique. Our approach and fees reflect the uniqueness of each particular matter. We are fast and efficient, yet thorough. We analyze each individual’s facts and circumstances and then give an opinion on what one may expect based on our thirty-four years of experience in that particular field. While no lawyer can guarantee results, our projections have been remarkably accurate over the years. We pride ourselves on thorough preparation. We attempt to negotiate when possible. If negotiation fails, then alternatives such as mediation, arbitration and a full trial on the merits are explored. We do not hesitate to litigate a matter to the fullest extent provided by law if this is what is required for a full and just resolution.

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