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State of Arizona vs. Todd West Reeder

Case Conclusion Date: 12.09.2005

Practice Area: State, local, and municipal law

Outcome: Resulted in a statutory change to ARS 13-907

Description: After an initial conviction for violating the Arizona Revised Statutes in Title 17 (Fish and Game), Defendant filed a motion to set aside the judgement of guilt. The State of Arizona filed a response arguing that if the set aside for a judgment of guilt was granted, the Administrative Regulations for Fish and Game would permit the Defendant to retain his permit to take wildlife. Accordingly, the Court denied the Defendant's motion for set aside. And as a result, the State's motion was used in conjunction with a separate case in Arizona to change the law regarding the setting aside of a judgement of guilt ( under A.R.S. section 13-907) for a person convicted of violating either ARS 17-314 or 17-340. See.

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