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Robert Michael Way

Robert Way’s Legal Guides

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  • Catholic Estate Planning

    This short introductory video can be helpful to one who is considering how to integrate their Catholic faith into their estate planning documents. Although this video does not describe specific ways to draft provisions or touch on the details in Canon law, the Catechism of the Ca...

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  • Catholic Estate Planning and End-of-Life Planning

    Catholic Estate Planningand End-of-Life planning, seeks as a goal, to guide a Roman Catholic or Eastern Catholic, in opening his heart to the call of the gospel and teachings of the magisterium as applied to one's estate planning in the following ways:(1) passing on an inheritanc...

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  • The 5 Medicaid Basics in Arizona

    Citizenship A person must be a US citizen to become eligible for Arizona Long Term Care Services (ALTCS). Evidence of citizenship can be in the form of a birth certificate or passport. Residency in A

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  • Arizona Estate Planning for Pets...Easy as 1-2-3

    How can I plan to keep my pet should I become divorced? As a person gets ready for marriage, sometimes the thought of an eventual divorce can lead the couple into an attorney's office to obtain a pre

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  • Understanding Attorney Responses to a Client's Question

    The Qualified "Yes" or "No" Some of the very best attorneys will answer a direct question such as, "is a Trust better than a Will," with a qualified "Yes" or "No." What does this mean? "Yes," I hear

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  • Estate Planning for Parents: The Birth of a Child

    Medical Documents for the Hospital Whenever a mother goes to the hospital to deliver her baby, it is vitally important that she provide copies of certain estate planning documents to the hospital and

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  • Trust Administration when a Trustee is Incapacitated

    Identifying the type of impairment At some unknown time, a Trustee of a Living Trustee may suffer an illness or injury which makes the trustee unable to manage the trust estate (which includes all as

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  • Funeral Planning: Enforcing Your Final Wishes

    Your decision: Burial or Cremation One of the most difficult decisions an individual may face is whether to be buried or cremated after death. In many instances, this decision is left up to a loved o

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  • How to Administer a Simple Trust (no estate tax considerations)

    Read the Trust document and the Will and Decide whether to accept the Trusteeship A Successor Trustee who accepts their appointment by the terms of the trust or through a court order, should be certa

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