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Jessica M Cotter

Jessica Cotter’s Legal Guides

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  • How is a parent’s gross income determined for the purposes of calculating child support in Arizona?

    By Jessica M. Cotter Esq. and Harry J. Lenaburg, Esq. A key component in calculating child support is determining the parents gross monthly income. The court can do this by a review of the parents pay check, determining the hourly rate and then multiplying by either a 40 hour wo...

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  • How does child support work in Arizona

    Calculating child support in Arizona is not always an easy task. It is a complex mathematical formula that is re-evaluated every several years to assure that it is in line with the current cost of living. The court looks at the following information in order to determine child su...

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  • New Year, New Law

    There have been some significant revisions to the laws regarding dissolution cases involving children and in paternity cases. The Court will no longer determine who has custody of the children, as that term has been replaced by the concept of legal decision making. The court will...

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  • How does the court determine Custody in the State of Arizona

    The Court looks at several factors when determining Sole or JointCustody. They are as follows:1. Whether or not the parents can agree on jointcustody2. If there is no agreement, why. Is itreasonableor is itinfluencedby another issue that does notinvolvethe best interest if the ...

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  • Communication tips with an ex-spouse that is difficult to deal with.

    1. Communicateby email alone, unless it is anemergencythen do text or phone call. That email should be one topic and no more than fivesentences. 2. Do notswearat the otherparentor talk bad them under any circumstances. 3. Do not accuse the person of causing any problem this willo...

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  • Helpful hints from a Family Law Attorney

    Helpful hints for those going through the Divorce case in court.

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