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Edward A Loss III

About Edward Loss

About me

Welcome, Selecting a lawyer is a daunting proposition, even when you're not terrified. Let me help you simplify the process. When you meet with a lawyer, ask yourself this: "If I had to back out of a biker bar at three in the morning with five guys with big arms and small vocabularies wanting to kick my ass, would I want THIS guy there to cover my back?" For more complete information, we invite you to visit our website at:


I am a student of "The Art of War" by General Sun Yzu. I am also a student of history, particularly General George S. Patton, Field Marshal Erwin Rommel and Lt. General Nathan Bedford Forrest, (C.S.A.). I incorporate many of the policies of these great men into the defense of my Clients. Most significantly, I believe in remaining on the attack. I don't worry about what the State is going to do. I let them worry about what I am going to do!

In my rare "off" hours, I enjoy golf, riding my Harley and the company of my five cats. I am unmarried with three grown children.

I am a member of the L.D.S church. I bear a personal testimony that our Heavenly Father loves us and knows our minds and knows our hearts and  that His beloved son, Jesus Christ, is our savior through his atonement.

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