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Angela Wilson-Goodman’s reviews

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  • The AZ State BAR complaints don't lie!

    1.0 star

    Posted by Jeff

    I hired this attorney in 2008. In one year she charged me over $101,000.00. Every time a critical juncture arrived, she threatened to withdraw unless I put more money into my retainer. RUN as fast as you can from this attorney. She has destroyed my life and cost me close to 1 Million dollars and counting. She authored a decree that favored my EX wife and she was supposed to be MY attorney. During mitigation, she was in a hurry to get to the Elton John concert. Tell your neighbors and tell your friends to RUN!! Check her State Bar records, she is unethical, immoral and unprofessional. She charged me to banter with opposing counsel and she charged me to destroy my own life by retaining her and I am now broke and a visitor in my daughter's life because of this women! RUN!!! Don't look back!

  • Angela wilson-Goodman

    5.0 stars

    Posted by sakohly

    I am very pleased to offer this testimonial for Attorney Angela Wilson-Goodman.
    Not long ago Mrs. Wilson-Goodman represented me in a very hotly contested divorce. The biggest point of contention was visitation with our minor child. My ex-wife was offering very minimal visitation and I simply wanted a fair and equitable amount of visitation time.
    Mrs. Wilson-Goodman proved to be a very staunch supporter of father’s rights as she very effectively and aggressively fought for my rights as a father and ultimately the Court ordered what we considered a fair and equitable visitation schedule.
    Another thing I experienced while represented by Mrs. Wilson-Goodman, was the fact that she took the time to get to know you and treated you like a person, not just another case file.
    Mrs. Wilson-Goodman’s office staff has always been very courteous and professional and the billing has always been accurate.
    I would heartily recommend Mrs. Wilson-Goodman, especially to father’s who want fair visitation schedules as she is a very strong advocate of father’s rights.
    Andrew M. Kohly 
    My husband first entered Angela Wilson-Goodman’s office frantic over his divorce going to court without anyone representing him. She kindly listened to his situation and bravely took his case. She heard what my husband was had to say about the personality of his ex-wife and what led up to the divorce and that this was going to be a hard case. She did not shrink back from the challenge. I feel that if my husband would have had Angela for his attorney from the beginning of the divorce, much angst could have been avoided and thousands of dollars could have been saved.
    My husband’s first attorney listened to what he said, but did not hear him. His case proceeded as though it was not any different than any other amicable divorce case. Direction was given and decisions were made during the process that set this highly contested divorce to be as difficult as my husband had expected. Six months later, the exasperated attorney wanted my husband to give into all of the ex-wife’s demands just to get it over with.
    I would recommend Angela Wilson Goodman to anyone needing a great divorce attorney, but especially for anyone who knows that the divorce will be an extremely difficult process. Angela truly listens to her clients and their needs. She is honest about her expectations and potential outcomes. She does not back down from a hard fight. If there are children involved, she is a devoted advocate to provide what is in the child’s best interest. Angela is responsive to her clients. Angela prepares her clients for what to expect. Angela is knowledgeable about her case law and is very effective in the court room.
    She and her staff provide world class quality customer service. An example of this was when my husband’s ex-wife refused to exchange the child per the divorce decree for Christmas vacation. Another game was being played to reduce the amount of time that the child was with Father. This occurred on a Friday night and the police were involved and so rather than be arrested, my husband gave up his visitation time over the weekend. Mother stated that the Christmas break did not start, per the school schedule until Monday. The next day that Court was open, Angela sat in the courthouse all day waiting to see the judge for emergency orders. The judge decided that Father should have had that parenting time.
    We experienced nothing but the best service and advocacy from Angela Wilson-Goodman and recommend her to anyone needing a divorce attorney.
    Shirley A. Kohly

  • Trustworthy, Hardworking, Diligent

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jason

    Wilson-Goodman & Fong we would like to thank you and your staff for helping us though out our journey to ensure the safety and security of my three young children. When my ex wife and I were divorced years ago we agreed to have joint custody with her as the primary custodian. Approx 2 years later my children were showing signs of abuse physically and emotionally as well as signs of neglect while visiting with us. My ex wife had made changes and many lifestyle choices ultimately effecting my children. My new wife had worked for a shelter with several resources and believed it would be useful to ensure their safety. After all the doors closed with no success we were very discouraged and felt as though we were victim of an unsuccessful system. We decided to obtain your services and for the first time someone sincerely listened, cared and gave us hope. Wilson-Goodman & Fong were very professional and treated us with respect during a very hard and stressful time, and was awarded custody of my children. I have continued to need their services with ongoing custody issues over the years and have always found them to be very honest and strait forward always looking out for my best interests. I trust that I will always get nothing but the best when needing the services of Wilson-Goodman & Fong.

  • Best Attorney in AZ

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kim

    Angela and her staff at Wilson-Goodman and Fong have been exceptional. I have had the opportunity to work with just a couple of other attorney's and she by far has been the best. I would and have recommended her and her amazing staff to numerous others for family law situations. Angela has been very objective and remained focused on the end goal. Her determination. professionalism and perserverance has shown throughout the whole process from start to finish. Angela and her staff remain organized and on top of things at all times and I would not trust or go with any other attorney in the state of AZ. Thank you Angela for all of your hard work in doing what you do best!

  • This is who you want representing you!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    Angela is the right mix of objective, aggressive and professional. She handled a high conflict family custody case for us and I do not regret one minute of her help. Not only is Angela great at what she does and worth every dollar, she is also very fair with regard to fees. She guides her client appropriately and respects a clients' wishes, letting the client know options, how much each option will cost and the strategy for the options. Angela would give us the option to do some of the research, transcriptions, etc, on our own, to save fees, which left her to handle the true legal part of the case, which is what she was hired to do. Angela is great at sifting through BS and being objective. She is also great in court, if your case goes in that direction.

  • Review

    4.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    I found Ms.Wilson professional, well informed and highly motivated. She took the time to explain the choices available at any given time and provided answers to all questions. She practices law with a passion and dedication.

  • Knows Her stuff !!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by David

    Angela handled my divorce after an agreement fell through with my ex. She had to fight false accusations against me, and with her research, knowledge, and effort, proved everyone of them to be false. Feels much more like a friend that is in your corner, rather than an attorney.
    As far as being in front of the judge, Angela was excellent in trial, and made my time on the stand extremely easy by having me totally prepared and at ease.
    I would recommend Angela to anyone who really wants an attorney to go to bat for them, while still trying anything to keep costs down.

  • Experienced, Sharp, and Straightforward

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Support client

    I would highly recommend Angela precisely because she doesn't just tell you what you want to hear. Instead, she gives legal advice in a refreshingly honest and straightforward way so that you know better what to expect and how to deal with what is often such a complicated and unpleasant process.

    I sought her counsel in a child custody and support matter and it was obvious from the beginning that she knew what she was talking about and was comfortable and confident in guiding me through the process. She's sharp as a tack too, especially about family law, and it shows. With her many years of experience, professionalism, and straightforward approach, I wouldn't hestitate trusting Angela again should I ever need legal advice again in the future.