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Joan M Bundy

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  • Filing taxes jointly or separately during a divorce?

    One of the most common tax questions divorcing couples ask is whether they can file their tax return jointly, and if so, whether it is to their advantage to do so. It's an important question because making the wrong decision can cost you thousands of dollars, sometimes years down the road.

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  • Grandparents' rights

    One of the most hotly contested issues in family law today is that of grandparents’ rights. Do they have rights? If so, what do those rights look like?

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  • Alimony: Does it exist anymore and, if so, what does it look like today?

    One of the most oft discussed topics in the area of family law is that of alimony, or what is now more commonly referred to as “spousal maintenance” or “spousal support.” If you’re on the receiving end of it, of course you like it; if you’re on the court-ordered giving end of it, not so much.

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  • Which parent gets the dependency exemption in a divorce?

    When children are involved in a divorce, the opposing parties often use the federal dependency tax exemption as a bargaining chip. Although it is a frequent source of contention, the rules for determining who gets the exemption are straightforward. And it's important to know the rules.

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  • So how much is a divorce going to cost me?

    Arguably the most discussed issue relating to the most common legal issue people grapple with--divorce--is, “How much is all this going to cost me?” This is a very valid question, but unfortunately one without an easy answer. It depends on a lot of different things...

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  • Do I need an attorney to help me get a divorce?

    Thinking about legal separation or divorce but think you MUST hire an attorney to assist you with the process? Think again! If husband and wife are fairly cooperative and agreeable and no children are involved, you actually may be able to dissolve your own marriage WITHOUT legal representation!

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  • Child support calculations in Arizona

    Find out how to do child support calculations that will be upheld in court - with Arizona's new electronic child support calculator!

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  • What if the other parent is essentially out of the picture?

    Sometimes one of the parents simply disappears from the scene and acts as if they never had a child. They may not want to be financially responsible for the minor, or they may simply not want to be "bothered" with a child, often because they haven't fully grown up yet themselves. What to do?

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