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Anthony H Misseldine

Anthony Misseldine’s Legal Guides

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  • Arizona Property Tax Appeal

    Do you know the current fair market value of your home? Unless you have had a professional assessment of your propertys value within the past year, I highly suggest that you schedule one. Its common knowledge that real estate values in the United States have dropped dramatically...

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  • The Maricopa County Assessor’s Office

    The Maricopa County Assessors Office is responsible for assessing the property values of every property within the countys boundaries. Their valuation appraisals determine individual and business property taxes, and, in the context of eminent domain, the compensation amount offer...

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  • What is a Counter-Offer?

    If you have been faced with eminent domain and the government has proposed a monetary offer for a property in your ownership, it is crucial that you precisely evaluate their offer before accepting it. If the offer seems even slightly less than you would have expected, making a co...

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  • House of Representatives Passes Anti-Kelo Bill

    Early this month, the United States House of Representatives passed the Private Property Rights Protection Act bill, in an effort to minimize abuses of the governments condemnation power. Ever since the infamously unjust 2005 condemnation involving Susette Kelos home in New Londo...

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  • Arizona Property Rights

    In 1998 in the city of New London, Connecticut, a plant was built by the drug company, Pfizer. Officials of the City attempted to purchase 115 residential homes to turn around and sell to commercial developers. When fifteen residents resisted, the City turned to its power of emin...

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  • Bailey’s Brake Shop: Could this Happen Again in Arizona?

    As construction on the Mesa light-rail extension project is set to begin in 2013, many private businesses and property owners will be facing efforts by the City to acquire all or part of the impacted properties. The 3.1 mile extension into downtown Mesa is clearly a public projec...

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  • An End to Some Local Mesa Favorites

    Of the several locations set to undergo partial to full acquisition by the City of Mesas light-rail extension project, five of them are auto shops. MCJs Tires Wheels, De Valle Motors, Mesa Muffler, Wilkys Performance Center, and Gunnells Tire Auto are among the businesses facin...

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  • The Mesa Metro Business Assistance Program

    The 3.1 mile light-rail extension set to begin in 2013 is expected to affect the numerous businesses along its route. The construction is going to make it very difficult, if not occasionally impossible, for consumers to access these businesses. While City officials are focusing o...

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  • Can you stop the government from condemning your land for a public road?

    You do have the right to challenge the condemnation; but, it is unlikely that you will succeed. The Arizona Constitution grants to the State the power to condemn privately owned property (the State may also delegate this power to other governmental agencies and to some private en...

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