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Morgan Jay Seegmiller

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  • What Can I Expect If I Try to Settle My Debts Instead of Filing Bankruptcy?

    If you have some money to pay your debts, but not enough to ever pay them off, you might prefer debt settlement over filing bankruptcy. If you have experienced difficulty making the payments to a creditor, it is possible that the creditor will accept partial payment in full sati...

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  • Do I Need an Attorney to File Bankruptcy in Arizona?

    Although a business entity, like a corporation, cannot file bankruptcy without an attorney, an individual may file their own bankruptcy. In fact, the Arizona Bankruptcy Court website even has a page dedicated to assisting Debtors who file their own bankruptcy cases, and an in per...

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  • What Happens Once You have Been Sued by Someone in Maricopa County, Arizona

    In this difficult economic time, some types of lawsuits are on the rise. If you have not been formally served with a Complaint and Summons by an official process server, then you most likely do not have to do anything yet. Once you have been served, the clock starts ticking. The ...

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  • How to deal with Bedbugs as an Arizona Tenant or Landlord, Bed bugs, Bed bug, Bedbug

    For reasons beyond my area of expertise, many Arizona tenants and landlords are having problems with bedbugs. They are annoying, they can spread rapidly, they can present health hazards, and they are very difficult to get rid of. Luckily, the Arizona legislature has addressed thi...

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  • Dog Bite Law in Arizona: A Brief Introduction

    Overview of Arizona Dog Bite Laws Arizona has passed a few laws known as the dog bite statutes. These statutes create strict liability of owners for conduct of their dogs: A.R.S. 11-1020: Injury to any person or damage to any property by a dog while at large shall be the ful...

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  • Hidden City Tax Can Hit Anyone who Builds Commercial Building for Their Business (or a house) Part 2

    This is Part 2 of a two part guide 3) Speculative Builder and Owner-Builder Taxes as Applied in Various Cities: The following table provides the current city tax rates for the Speculative Builder Tax and the Owner-Builder Tax: City/Town Spec Builder Tax Rate Owner-B...

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  • Hidden City Tax Can Hit Anyone who Builds Commercial Building for Their Business (or a house) Part 1

    Please note, this is Part 1 of a two part guide Cities throughout Arizona have a tax that nobody has heard of, but that can end up costing business owners who have a commercial space built, and individuals who have their own home built. The worst part is, even if you are not bui...

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