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Morgan Jay Seegmiller

About Morgan Seegmiller

About me



As an attorney, I am a great value for my clients.  I have the benefit of consulting with a 30 year attorney at our firm, but I only bill clients at the hourly rate of an associate attorney.  I have been researching and writing on legal matters for approximately 6 years and I have proven to be efficient in the time I spend on each client's case.




I am married and have four children (Aiden, Chance, Sayenna, and Kynley).  I love spending time with my family and teaching my kids about God and how to play every sport imaginable. 


With my kids in Elementary School, I have become more involved in the problems and successes of our education systems.  I stay current on public and charter school operations and curriculums.


I also try to stay current with, and involved in, Lyme Disease research and awareness.  When we determined my wife had Lyme Disease, I have decided that this preventable and very prevalent disease must be more adequately confronted by the medical profession.  (I enjoyed the recent film "under our skin").


American history is another one of my passions.  I love to learn about the great individuals who have gone before us and who helped shape this great land and legal system that we have inherited.

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