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Glass v. Progressive Insurance Company

Case Conclusion Date: 05.15.2008

Practice Area: Insurance

Outcome: Settlement ~$120,000.00

Description: On October 1, 2007, Mrs. Glass's high-end vehicle was stolen from her home. Mrs. Glass immediately contacted the police department and notified her insurance company, Progressive Insurance Company, about the theft. Progressive Insurance accepted the claim and requested pay off figures from Mrs. Glass's Credit Union three days following the theft. Then, without any explanation whatsoever to Mrs. Glass, Progressive Insurance Company turned Mrs. Glass's claim over to their special investigation unit and forwarded Mrs. Glass a Reservation of Rights letter. The letter provided no explanation other than that Progressive was investigating the incident. Progressive Insurance Company did not respond to Mrs. Glass's requests to Progressive Insurance Company for an explanation as to why the claim had been transferred to the special investigation unit. Mrs. Glass inquiry as to whether or not Progressive had simply turned this claim over to the special investigations unit to delay payment of this high-end loss also did not receive a response. Likewise, Progressive Insurance Company did not respond to Mrs. Glass's request for prompt payment of the claim. Progressive's special investigator, Ted Cimino, contacted Mrs. Glass's neighbors and showed up at Mrs. Glass's home unannounced. Mr. Cimino described this behavior as "typical special investigations unit cold call tactics." Progressive's investigator even went so far as to attempt to question Mrs. Glass's business partner at his home. Again, Mr. Cimino showed up unannounced. Progressive required Mrs. Glass to turn over private phone and financial records, including cell phone records, bank records, and income tax returns. Progressive subjected Mrs. Glass to an examination under oath. This is a process in which Progressive Insurance Company's attorney questions the insured in front of a court reporter and in the presence of the special investigation unit investigator. Progressive refused to allow Mrs. Glass to have anyone, other than her attorney, present. Progressive also refused to allow the examination under oath to be video recorded. These tactics, and more, were extremely upsetting, embarassing and humiliating for Mrs. Glass. Mrs. Glass felt compelled to obtain the assistance of an attorney because her insurance carrier, Progressive Insurance Company, was not treating her fairly and indeed was treating her as a criminal. On May 15, 2008, this matter resolved for $120,261.29 without the necessity of filing a lawsuit.

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