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Edward O Comitz

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  • How to Determine What Type of Disability Insurance Policy You Have

    Individual Disability Insurance If you purchased your policy yourself directly from a private carrier (not through your employer or professional organization), you have an individual disability insur

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  • How to Approach Your Disability Claim in Today's Economy

    Understand Why Insurance Companies Feel Pressure to Deny Claims Professionals’ disability claims can be expensive for insurance companies to accept. The troubled economy and the rising number of dis

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  • Filing a Claim for Private Disability Insurance Benefits: Common Pitfalls - Part Two

    Misunderstanding The Definitions Of “Disability” And “Occupation” There’s no such thing as a standard policy. Most professionals buy “own-occupation” policies that compensate following a disability

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  • Common Pitfalls of Filing a Claim for Private Disability Insurance Benefits

    Failing to Consult with Counsel If you are considering filing a claim for disability insurance benefits, it is advisable that you meet with an attorney experienced in the area before submitting your

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