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Mark Cord

Mark Cord’s Legal Guides

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  • When Should I Divorce?

    This chapter does not attempt to answer the question Should I divorce? That decision is strictly personal, not legal, and one which only you can answer. Clients who have divorced with dignity tend to answer it, along with the question When, in three stages. First, they have taken...

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  • Arizona spousal maintenance (alimony)

    The term alimony has trickled into the English language from a Latin word meaning to nourish. It is also known in today's legal jargon as support, payment, recovery, allowance or lump-sum award. Arizona calls it spousal maintenance. No doubt you have heard the expression, I wan...

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  • "No Fault" Divorce - The Myths

    Myth #1 - "My spouse won't give me a divorce." Before 1970 all states required proof of a spouse's fault or guilt (i.e. adultery, mental cruelty, alcoholism) before a divorce could be granted. In mo

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