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State v Carlos Beltran

Practice Area: Criminal defense

Outcome: (Not available)

Description: Mr. Beltran was falsely accused of raping his ex-wife. Mr. Beltran was going through an ugly divorce when his then-wife accused him of breaking into her house and raping her. The ex-wife had been planning this false accusation for quite a while. The ex-wife had saved some of Mr. Beltran's semen in a jar in the freezer. On the night of the accusation the ex-wife implanted the semen in her vagina and then called police and cried rape. We were able to prove that the accusation was fabricated and all the charges were dismissed. My office retained the services of a California DNA lab that was able to substantiate our theory. Our office filed several pre-trial motions in an effort to expose ex-wife’s plot. During a pre-trial hearing Mark Nermyr was able to get ex-wife to confess to what she had done. The prosecutor immediately stood up and told the Judge that they were dismissing the case. After more than nine months in jail, Mr. Beltran was released. Mr. Beltran was met at the jail by his children, who all stood by him throughout the ordeal.

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