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  • Mesa Bankruptcy Attorney Discusses New Bankruptcy Law and Impact of Filing

    Interviewer: Many of the people reading this have conducted research on the Internet about filing bankruptcy and they probably realize the bankruptcy laws significantly changed in 2005. Many of them have likely heard or read the new bankruptcy laws have taken away their right or ...

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  • Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorney Explains Secrets about Filing Bankruptcy on Your Own (Pro Se)

    I recognize a lot of people believe attorneys are too expensive. Quite frankly, many of them are. I highly recommend you look for a qualified bankruptcy attorney who charges on a flat fee. You should know exactly how much their legal service will cost you before you leave thei...

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  • Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorney Explains Secrets about Filing Chapter 7 and Chapter 13

    A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is also known as a straight liquidation bankruptcy. Consumers often confuse this and falsely believe it means they have to liquidate or get rid of all their assets, like their house or car. In fact, it really means that it liquidates or wipes out all your...

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  • Phoenix Bankruptcy Secrets: Reasons Why People File Bankruptcy

    For many people in Phoenix, Arizona who file for bankruptcy its due to circumstances largely outside of their control. We had a nice couple who came in and were considering filing for bankruptcy. He was a high school coach and she was a high school teacher. They were living on t...

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  • Secrets About Bankruptcy Trends in Arizona

    Trends in Bankruptcy Laws As many people who are considering bankruptcy know, the laws significantly changed in 2005. Specifically, Congress passed a bill called the “Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and

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