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Case Conclusion Date: 10.23.2008

Practice Area: Family

Outcome: Sole custody to Father, supervised time for Mother

Description: Divorce involving a two year old child. Mother had five other children from previous relationships. None of the children were in mother's care and it is unclear whether mother's parental rights were terminate since mother's involvement in the litigation was seasonal and bizarre. Mother presented issues of mental illness, physical illnesses, false allegations towards father, relocation and many more. Allegations from mother changed with the wind and her inconsistencies were highlighted to the Court at two temporary orders hearings and final evidentiary hearing. Father won sole custody, considerable child support arrearage award and current child support amount. Father was also awarded attorneys' fees and costs. Mother received 6 hours of supervised parenting time to be exercised within the state of Arizona. Her request for relocation was flatly denied.

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