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Timothy W Durkin

About Timothy Durkin

About me

Why do I practice family law? In short, because it matters. It matters to my clients to know that their attorney is dedicated to their cause, is a fierce advocate of their rights, is a skillful negotiator of their positions, a persuasive litigator of their case, and a seasoned practitioner of family law. It matters to my clients to know that their attorney “gets it;” not just the law, the issues, the judges, and opposing counsel, but understands them; that they are going through one of the most difficult and emotional turmoils in their life. It matters to my clients to know these things, and therefore, the effective practice of family law matters to me.


I am Jackson White Law Firm's sole attorney specializing in family law, and handle all cases in Phoenix and Mesa involving divorce, child support, legal separations and step parent adoptions.

To learn more about our work, divorce or other family law issues, please visit our website Jackson White Law

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