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Jordan M. Slattery

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  • What Property is Considered Exempt in Arizona?

    Many of us hesitate before filing for bankruptcy, concerned that we could lose our possessions. This is a common misconception regarding bankruptcy. In reality, most people who file for bankruptcy never lose any possessions, a situation termed a no-asset bankruptcy by those in th...

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  • Tax Consequences of Home Foreclosure

    If you have lost your home to a foreclosure, or are being threatened with one, you are probably reeling with questions about the consequences of such a step. One thing many people want to know is: what happens on my taxes? There are two consequences to a foreclosure for tax purp...

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  • Can You Be Fired for Filing Bankruptcy?

    Often, debt has an unfortunate impact on your career. This can be for many reasons. For some people, debt makes it difficult to get a place to live or a car to drive, which can make employers think twice about hiring you. Once hired, wage garnishment can lead to being punished or...

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  • Elements that Determine the Size of Your Chapter 13 Payment

    You are considering filing for bankruptcy, and believe that Chapter 13 suits your needs. But Chapter 13 is a huge commitment a 3-5 year long plan that must be approved by the court and then completed before you will be eligible for a discharge. Before you undertake such a commit...

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  • Providing Creditors Notice In Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

    In re: Ashworth, No. 09-03648-TLM (Bankr. D. Idaho, January 28, 2011). When you file for bankruptcy, you have to tell all your creditors that you file.Once you have notified them of the case, they are required to file a proof of claim, which is paperwork establishing to the c...

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  • What Must a Creditor Do Once It Has Violated the Automatic Stay in Arizona?

    The automatic stay is one of the greatest advantages to filing for bankruptcy.It legally prevents anyone who is owed money by the debtor from attempting to collect on that debt.This includes phone calls, letters, repossessions, and foreclosures.But sometimes creditors violate th...

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  • Reasons to Not File Your Own Bankruptcy Petition

    Arizona is the third highest state in the nation for pro se, or self-represented, bankruptcy filings. About a fifth of all bankrupt Arizonans file their own petition and represent themselves in a bankruptcy. Is this wise to do? For one thing, you may end up losing possessions tha...

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  • Converting Your Property Before Bankruptcy: The Risks

    When you file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, your assets and liabilities will be determined by the court. All assets that are not exempt under federal or state law may be used to pay off your debts. The natural follow-up question many ask is: How can I create more exempt...

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  • Tax Refunds and Earned Income Credit When you File for Bankruptcy in Arizona

    Tax Refunds and Earned Income Credit When you File for Bankruptcy in Arizona When you file for bankruptcy, the bankruptcy estate has the right to receive your tax refund. That means that your refund for that year must be sent to the trustee who will determine how much will go st...

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