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Richard J Suzuki

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  • While living in the U.S. I didn't register for selective service, do I need to disclose this on my n-400 immigration form

    hi i am trying to file n400 for citizenship i was in US between age 18 to 26 but ididn't registered fo selective service because i did not know so what statment or explanation should i write??

    Richard’s Answer

    Indicate on your N-400 application that you did not file for the selective service and attach a short paragraph explaining that you were not aware of the filing requirement and that your failure to register was not knowing or willful. I always recommend to my clients that they also go to the Selective Service website ( to request a Status Information Letter. This letter will indicate whether or not Selective Service advised you of the requirement when you were between the ages of 18 - 26. Usually the letter will indicate that you were never advised of the requirement. I recommend filing the Status Information Letter along with the N-400 petition and the paragraph explaining why you didn't register previously. When I have followed the above steps, I have never had a client denied naturalization for failure to register for selective service. Good luck!

    Here's is the link to request the Status Information Letter:

    See question