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Edward C. Hopkins Jr.

About Edward Hopkins

About me

The firm’s managing attorney, Mr. Hopkins focuses his practice on business torts, consumer protection, cybersecurity, defamation, invasion of privacy, and Civil RICO litigation.

He represents plaintiffs whose reputations, careers, brands, or goodwill have been wrongfully devalued or harmed due to false, misleading, or deceptive statements; whose personality, publicity, or privacy rights have been infringed or violated; or who have suffered substantial economic harm due to intentional violations of federal or state anti-rackeetering, computer crime, or consumer protection laws.

He also consults attorneys nationwide on dignitary tort litigation strategies, such as ways to defeat questionable or frivolous constitutional defenses, privilege defenses, truth defenses, personal jurisdiction defenses, or 47 U.S.C. § 230 defenses at the motion to dismiss and motion for summary judgment stages of litigation.


Arizona and Colorado

U. S. District Courts for Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico

U. S. Courts of Appeals for the 9th and 10th Circuits

U. S. Supreme Court