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Benjamin S Kuipers

About Benjamin Kuipers

About me

When I am not practicing law, I enjoy reading, writing, and traveling to places I have read about. I am also a keen outdoorsman, and spend a considerable amount of time in the bush with my closest friend, a 90lb Rhodesian Ridgeback. 


Kuipers Law, Phoenix, AZ was founded by Benjamin Kuipers in 2011. With a heritage grounded in professional medical malpractice defense and complex civil litigation, our broad experience in family and criminal law makes us uniquely placed to offer superior representation to legal clients throughout greater Phoenix, AZ. With our focus on trial work, with juries and judges, we are well situated to defend your rights.


Our clients look for value beyond simply legal expertise. They seek our commitment to achieving an overarching strategy on our client’s behalf. With this in mind, we focus on learning about our clients and their objectives. Additionally, we place a large focus on technological and team-based coordination and organization to enable quick and effective responses to our clients’ needs.  With economic realities in mind, we seek to develop comprehensive strategies and solutions at affordable rates.


At Kuipers Law, we combine a good reputation and sound legal expertise with deep knowledge of each individual client’s personal and professional situations and desired end to resolve every legal challenge.

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