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Julio Laboy

Julio Laboy’s Legal Guides

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  • How People Get Charged with Crimes: What You Need to Know

    How People Get Charged With Crimes Licensed to Laboy Law Office. Copyright 2010 Nolo How does a criminal case get started? Usually, it is with a police arrest report. The prosecutor then decides what charges to file, if any. The case can then go to a grand jury for an indictment...

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  • What to Do if the State is Going to Present a Case Against Me to the Grand Jury

    Hire a Lawyer You hear this as a first step frequently. But it is true. A lawyer familiar with Grand Jury practice can help protect your rights and maybe even preclude the presentation in the first p

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  • How to make sure the lawyer you hire documents the retention process

    Fee Agreement Make sure that the lawyer has you both review and sign a fee agreement. It's the contract you both enter together memorializing your retention and promise to pay for services and the la

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  • How to get your release conditions changed after an arrest and booking

    Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney An attorney who is in criminal court everyday should know exactly what facts to look for when preparing to address your release conditions. File a Motion to Modify Re

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  • Key Steps in a DUI Vehicular Manslaughter Case

    Contact an Attorney You are now in the fight of your life - for your life. You need a lawyer immediately. Interview criminal defense lawyers. A certified criminal law specialist is not a requirement

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  • What To Do If Under Investigation for a Sex Crime

    Say Nothing If a detective contacts you seeking an interview: say nothing, exercise your right to remain silent. Often law enforcement investigators will make it seem as if they actually want to simp

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