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Julio Laboy

About Julio Laboy

About me

(Phoenix) - I LOVE to litigate. I love a passionate argument and all the attorneys at Laboy Law Office have no problem with "putting the fighting gloves on" for our clients. Maybe it's because I have always been a fighter. I have training in Taekwondo, Krav Maga, boxing, and jiu jitsu. Or, maybe it has something to do with where I was born, successfully fighting to escape the mean streets of Brooklyn, NY. I know what it means to be an underdog -- and how to overcome it. Our office will go to bat for you with the same drive and energy.


I earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and Journalism from Brooklyn College which TIME Magazine then labeled, “The Poor Man’s Harvard.”  I also hold a Master of Arts in Mass Communications from California State University, Fullerton where I graduated at the top of my class and where I was selected the student commencement speaker.


I attended The College of Law at Arizona State University. I graduated law school early -- a difficult task -- and focused on Criminal Justice. I also earned a certificate in Indian Law. I was also selected the student commencement speaker for the law school's very first Winter Graduation Ceremony. 


Before graduate school, I worked as an award-winning reporter and writer for The Wall Street Journal and N.Y. Newsday. I also have worked as a media spokesperson, writing press releases and appearing on TV, radio, and in print news stories regarding crisis communications. I have also had stories and columns printed in the Orange County Register, for the New York Times Co., The Kansas City Star, La Voz, Hispanic Link News, and in newspapers around the world, including the United Arab Emirates and England.


I first practiced law as a felony trial prosecutor with the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office. I prosecuted and took many cases to trial as a Deputy County Attorney including armed robbery, drug sales, DUI, forgery, and aggravated assault cases. I love going to bat for the underdog, especially when the media has rushed to judgment assuming a client's guilt. I have no problem setting up a press conference if it helps a client. I know criminal law from the newsroom to both sides of the courtroom -- and so do the attorneys in the firm, all having worked as prosecutors AND criminal defense attorneys.


I have focused my practice exclusively on criminal defense. My office also handles immigration cases. Currently, the office is lead counsel on cases including: Conspiracy to Commit First Degree Murder; Federal Homicide; Multiple vehicular Manslaughter cases; several DCAC cases; Transportation of Drugs for Sale; Illegal Control of an Enterprise; Money Laundering; DUI cases, and several high-profile media cases.


Laboy Law Office's mission is to be assertive and aggressive in your defense while offering you top customer service. Let Laboy Law Office be your Personal, Private Phoenix, Arizona Criminal Defense Team.


Your next move: Contact Laboy Law Office now: 602-343-1818.

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