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David Black

About David Black

About me

 David Black is committed to making each and every client feel like they’re his only one. He has a proven track record of defending the rights of his clients, representing hundreds successfully in Arizona since 2008. Beyond an unflinching commitment to excellence in the practice law, Black’s credentials and accolades offer testimony to his ability to achieve positive results.

 A Commitment to Education

 Raised and educated in the Phoenix area, Black was selected to take classes at Arizona State University while he was still in high school. He continued his undergraduate studies at ASU, concentrating his studies on justice, law and writing. He graduated summa cum laude and taught writing to graduate students. He was also selected to teach Law School Admission Test (LSAT) preparation to aspiring lawyers by two national test preparation companies.

 Black’s legal education began with difficult choices, with multiple scholarship offers to highly competitive and prestigious programs. In the end, he chose the University of California Los Angeles to pursue his Juris Doctorate degree. After completing internships in both prosecution and criminal defense, Black accepted a position at the Maricopa County Attorney's Office upon graduation. He excelled there as a young prosecutor, achieving great success in a short period of time. Among his accolades include being named "Preliminary Hearing Bureau Attorney of the Month" in September of 2008.

 Professional Development

 With his career in full bloom, Black decided to leave the county court as a prosecutor in favor of a foray into criminal defense. In late 2008, a well-respected downtown law firm recruited Black to join its team of talented young attorneys. After spending time learning from the firm’s expertise and growing in his mastery of the law, he formed the Law Offices of David A. Black. Operating his own firm gives him the freedom to treat each and every client with the attention and dedication they deserve. He only dreamed he would be able dedicate the type of quality time he now offers to his clients and his cases.

 Excellence in Criminal Defense

 David A. Black never stops working for his clients. He offers comprehensive legal counsel to people when they need it most, exploring complicated legal issues, filing motions when appropriate and taking their cases to trial if necessary. Black is compassionate and dedicated, but he exemplifies the qualities of a successful attorney. He is an aggressive, tactful adversary with impeccable timing, and he knows when to meet an opponent eye-to-eye.

 Black has represented hundreds of clients in his years of serving the Phoenix area. In that time, he has achieved substantial success, securing countless victories for people when there was little hope for a positive outcome. His dedication to his clients and conviction for the law take precedence over everything else, and he never gives up.

 David Can Help

 David Black wants to help you, even if you have given up hope. No matter what legal predicament you’re in, call him today for a free consultation. At the Law Offices of David A. Black, there is always hope. Please contact us today for a free consultation.



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