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Richard L Strohm

Richard Strohm’s reviews

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Review Richard Strohm

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mel

    Every once in a while we meet someone who is extraordinary in his/her field. If we happen to meet someone like that in law when we need a lawyer, we count ourselves blessed. I counted myself blessed when I met Rick Strohm!

  • Accessible, experienced and compassionate.

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    My husband and I have known Rick for more than twenty years.
    On the occasions when we have needed his help and advice, he has always given above and beyond.
    Rick gives much of his time explaining, in detail, the possible approaches and outcomes of any undertaking. He doesn't sugar-coat anything, and will let you know EXACTLY what your options are. His vast experience allows his clients to consider what they hadn't even thought of before, and then to have a plan as to how to proceed. There is no gray area, no hidden legal agenda with Rick - he is a 100% straight shooter.

  • Painfully bright lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    I've worked with Rick for thirteen years and he's never lost a case of mine. I've sent numerous referrals to him and he's successfully litigated every one delivering stellar results regardless of the complicated disputes. There isn't a finer lawyer in town. He's painfully sharp, cuts through legal battles like a hot knife through butter and delivers white glove service to every client he meets. His impeccable reputation is second to none and his airtight logic paves the legal road in which to travel. He goes above and beyond in providing sage advice and brilliant strategy when it comes to legalities. Rick easily pirouettes between personal injury, commercial litigation and criminal defense.

    Rick is to law what Zhu Yuan Zhang was to Ming's dynasty. There are pat ways of doing business and then there is Strohm's way. Pros don't feel ruffled; they're serene and his powerful prowess in the courtroom is deliberate and effective. He has earned the respect of his peers, clients and the court not just through litigation skills but his compassion and integrity for each party involved.

    On a personal note he's a triathlete which tells you about his desire to stay fit, disciplined and competitive. He's not just a force; he's a movement.

  • Outstanding-Personable Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Elizabeth

    Rick Strohm has advised me (and my husband) on business-related matters dating back to 2010. He is just outstanding to work with - trustworthy, straightforward, and smart. He explains legal concepts in accessible terms. He also has a calming presence. Specifically, he does an excellent job of removing emotion from the conversation in an effort to focus on the facts and what can be done.

    Also, while Rick has never represented me in litigation, I have no doubt that his likeable personality is an asset in a courtroom.

    Above all, Rick seems to really care, not just about the outcome of a legal matter, but about his clients as people.

    I feel very lucky that I have Rick Strohm "in my corner" as a business owner and I've grown to see him as a friend through the years. Hire Rick to help you navigate your legal needs. You'll like working with him and like getting to know him as a person.

  • There are none better . . .

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Edwin

    What's truly important in winning the battle? Experience. Rick has represented me in two cases thus far. After hearing Rick's argument, I have never seen the other side fold up and go home .... never. On both accounts. No return fire. Just, "Can we have a moment with our client?" And they come back with an offer. If they had a white flag to wave, they would have waved it.

    The other thing? Honesty. Not the candy coated kind, but the brutal kind. Rick's brilliant. He will walk you thru the process before you even start. Let you know what your chances are and where he will excel. It's like reading the book before you see the movie. Amazing. And he has been "spot on" on every account. Why? Because he has seen it all before. Nothing is new and he understands the nuance of every character involved.

    The last thing? His rates are fantastic. You are getting the expertise and experience of a big market lawyer (like New York or L.A.) at a reasonable price. And with no surprises.

    Most talk it. This guy walks it.

  • Rick Strohm is an A+ Litigator!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Diane

    Rick represented us in a challenging case and I can't say enough positive things about him. He is straight-forward, honest, hard working, and a brilliant litigator and trial attorney. I would highly recommend him.