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Stephen R. Allred

About Stephen Allred

About me

I have worked for Zabriskie Law Firm for 6 years handling all types of criminal defense cases.  During that time, I have appeared on well over 1000 cases and either first or second chaired approximately 20 jury trials.  I work hard for my clients to obtain the best possible outcome for each depending on his or her circumstances.  No two cases are alike, and all are treated with the utmost care and consideration.  I am fortunate to have a career I love.  While many hate going ot work every day, I love it!  There is no boring day in criminal defense.  Each day presents new challenges and interesting circumstances.  I do enjoy going home to my wife and beautiful little girl and spending time with them in the outdoors, going to dinner, and finding new adventures as a family. I do enjoy spending time on the golf course when possible, and also enjoy camping, shooting, hunting, and guitar.