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Peyton Hunley Robinson

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  • What can i do to see my son?

    My son's mom wont let me see him at all all i want is 2 see him atleast for the weekend.

    Peyton’s Answer

    You should see --
    There is a discussion there of parent time and how to get it. You probably need to get a court involved, if you want to be able to have the force of law behind your request for visitation.

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  • Should I write a letter of confession, instead of saying it, because I get flustered easily

    I did s.omething, that someone else was blamed for, and she recieved a lease violation.

    Peyton’s Answer

    If you feel like you need to confess, then say something instead of writing it. Your oral statement will likely mean more to the person who hears it, precisely because it is hard to do and you get flustered. Besides, if there is a legal aspect to the issue, and if you are confessing something, you may be in a better position without having a confession in writing.

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  • Am i liable for the floor problems caused by home owners negligence?

    Customer hired me to install a laminate floating floor,they supplied all materials, and paid only for my labor, to save money they didn't do the floor prep i advised, and did not use an underlayment padding. Since job was done, floor has had gaps ...

    Peyton’s Answer

    If you advised them of the risk of not doing what you told them they should do (i.e., floor prep and underlayment padding), and they decided to go ahead anyway, you have a good defense. If their floor was flooded and that caused damage, then assuming you did not make any guarantee of the floor to be flood-proof, you should have an additional point of defense to any lawsuit.
    In case you did not do so here, in the future you should have your customers sign an agreement specifying the limits of your warranty.

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  • My wife, soon to be ex wife is sending me invoices to pay her for stuff I didn't pay during the marriage. Do I have to pay?

    I lost my job during our marriage. My wife said if I didn't send her money by a certain date I would have to leave. So she started to send me invoices and charging me for things like health insurance and rent. Is this something I have to pay?

    Peyton’s Answer

    If you signed the lease agreement, you might have a contractual obligation to the landlord, but that is not an obligation to your wife. You might be able to modify or end your obligation to the landlord, but how best to do that depends on your circumstances. If you were the person providing health insurance, you can easily modify that payment arrangement with the insurance company.

    If your wife is sending you invoices for things that she is legally obligated to pay herself, unless you either have a contract with her saying you will pay, or you have a court order saying that you have to pay, then you do not have to pay the invoices.

    However, if you have children involved and she has custody, you have a duty to provide for your children, and that could mean paying child support which could be used for rent or insurance; but that's different than paying her rent and insurance.

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  • In the state of Utah, what is the most likely scenario where a mother would lose custody of her child? To the fighting father.

    I know the obvious answers such as drug use, being a prostitute or proven neglect. But what stratgies have you seen that were effective in fighting for custody. Any reccomendations for a very good father's rights attorney in Salt Lake? I have a...

    Peyton’s Answer

    You have probably heard this from your attorney, but the court is supposed to make a custody determination based on the best interests of the child. See this info and scroll to "best interests" -- If you have facts in your favor on these issues, then you may have a good case for a custody change.

    There are many good family law attorneys in the area. Fighting custody costs money, and there is no certainty of winning custody even with the best facts in your favor. A lot depends on the judge's viewpoint too, especially when there is not a clear answer. But if you have the money to continue to fight, then you should be able to find a lawyer more to your liking around SLC to take your case. Look for someone who does a lot of family law, and make it clear from the start how aggressive you want to pursue your case.

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  • Should I take action for this?

    I was punished at work for a mistake that my company made and it took more than 4 weeks, and 5 emails, to get them to respond. In addition i reported an HR matter to 3 separate managers and never heard back from a single one for 2 months. I only...

    Peyton’s Answer

    What legal action do you have in mind? Without knowing the details, I suggest the action you should probably take is to look for a new job.

    Here's a resource you may want to consider.

    Utah is an at-will employment state, and you can be fired for no reason or any reason, provided it is not illegal or one of the few exceptions. One has to complain or threaten employers thoughtfully, because people can easily be fired without any recourse in most situations.....and so you should probably be looking for a better place to work.

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  • Can I sue the IRS?

    I filed my taxes feb 5 I still haven't received them this has caused me financial hard ship. The tax advocates have tried to help but the IRS still will not give up my money. Is there anything I can do?

    Peyton’s Answer

    You cannot sue the IRS yet, from what you describe. If you are denied a refund that is properly due to you, then you can file suit for the refund at that time. But before you even seriously think about doing that, you would want to know what is going on with your tax return.

    When you refer to "tax advocates," it is not clear that you are talking about the Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS).
    TAS has a lot of authority, and is a good resource if you are being treated improperly. But TAS is different than some group advertising itself as advocates.

    A tax attorney can help you find out what is going on with your return for very minimal cost. If you used an accountant to file your tax return, then that CPA should be able to help. You can check into using a Low Income Taxpayer Clinic, and you'll find a link to a list of clinics (including Utah) at --
    And you can call the IRS yourself to find out what is causing the hold up. Once you know the reason, then you can decide what to do about it.

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  • Am I able to sue my former employers for false advertising?

    Long story short, they are advertising that they use a specific brand name sauce to make a certain pizza with. They do not, however, use that brand at any point in the making of the pizza, nor do they even keep that brand within the store.

    Peyton’s Answer

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    Generally, no, you cannot sue unless you have some damages or some financial harm. And then the suit is not for false advertising, but rather fraud. If you worked in the shop, and knew about the sauce deception, even helped to perpetrate it, then you are not likely to get far with a lawsuit. Trying to sue a former employer could also open you up to the possibility of being counter-sued. This could all get very expensive, messy, and ultimately would not be likely to get you the satisfaction that you are seeking.
    For false advertising, your better action would be to investigate possibly filing a complaint with the Bureau of Consumer Protection at the Federal Trade Commission -- see
    You may also see about filing a complaint with Utah's Division of Consumer Protection at --

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  • Paid miminun wage, no vacation/ personal time

    I recently quit my job after 2yrs and my employer paid my final check in minumum wage, didnt pay me my vacation time or personal, and h.r changed my w4 a few months ago without my knowlege, i was going exempt for last year and then this year in ma...

    Peyton’s Answer

    Generally in Utah, employers are not required to provide benefits like vacation time. See --
    So unless you had an employment agreement of some type that provided for you to be paid vacation time on quitting, then you may not have recourse for that part.
    Your comment on minimum wage is not clear to me. Were you being paid more than minimum wage, and then your final paycheck was only minimum wage? If that's the case, and you did work at an agreed upon wage but did not receive it, then if you can prove it, you may be able to go to small claims court to recover the difference between what you got and what you should have been paid. It may not be worth the effort, but it may be possible.
    Payers have to withhold under certain circumstances, but it does not sound like those apply. I would call HR and find out why they changed your status.

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