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Rudy J. Bautista

About Rudy Bautista

About me


After leaving a career as a Merchant Marine officer, Mr. Bautista has practiced criminal defense exclusively since 1999.  Since then, he has  represented over 5,000 clients and has obtained dismissals or not guilty verdicts in all types of criminal cases, including white collar crimes, criminal homicide, all sex crimes including rape and aggravated sex abuse of a child, aggravated burglary, robbery, thefts, forgeries, aggravated assaults, drug and alcohol charges including DUI, and domestic violence allegations.  When unable to secure a dismissal, Mr. Bautista has helped obtain a favorable resolution, or tried the case before a jury.  As of December 1, 2014, he has tackled over 95 jury trials as lead counsel with 74 acquittals, and of the guilty verdicts, three have been reversed on appeal and two were to a lesser misdemeanor charge.

Mr. Bautista believes that each case must be handled from the onset for trial.  While most criminal cases are dismissed or resolved prior to trial, diligent and aggressive representation from the onset is fundamental to obtaining the best results.

At Bautista,Booth & Parkinson, Mr. Bautista focuses on representing individuals and companies in white collar criminal cases, and individuals in all criminal cases.  By habitually exceeding the continuing education requirements established by the Utah Bar, Mr. Bautista keeps abreast of all major developments in frequently litigated areas, such as securities fraud, health care fraud, environmental crime, computer crime, and sex crimes.  Mr. Bautista has represented many high profile clients and he prides himself in being one of less than 15 criminal defense attorneys in private practice qualified to represent clients charged with capital murder in Utah.  Thanks to his extensive experience as a trial and appellate attorney, he has successfully helped two clients avoid the death penalty.

Whether you, your company, or your loved ones are under investigation, or have been formally charged, Mr. Bautista has the experience, dedication, and a proven history of success to help avoid the most serious consequences.


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