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Jason D. Haymore

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  • Can your employer deny your regular, normal, payroll check from you? When (at the time) had nothing to do with a termination?

    This was before any kind of termination , and during a normal paydays , pay day ? And on my payday had called in , in advance and did verify it was there even after " they " reiterated my employee number i knew it " was " there but later w...

    Jason’s Answer

    In Utah, employers must establish regular paydays and keep to them. There are very few situations that could arise that would give your employer the right to withhold even a portion of your paycheck. Typically, your employer would have to be acting in accord with a court order or have your prior written authorization to withhold money from your check. Also, if you are fired, the employer must pay you all the wages you are owed within 24 hours of your termination.

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