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Christopher J. Salcido

About Christopher Salcido

About me

Chris Salcido is one of the founding partners of Salcido Law Firm. Chris is an experienced and agressive Utah DIvorce Lawyer and Utah Criminal Defense Attorney.

Chris is an experienced divorce and family law attorney. He has represented clients in difficult family law matters including custody disputes, complex divorces, and property divisions. Chris has developed unique and effective approaches to resolving family law matters for his clients and their families.

Chris is an agressive criminal defense lawyer who enjoys the challenges of taking on the state and protecting the constitutional rights of those accused of crimes in Utah. Chris represents individuals charged with DUI, Drug Charges, Domestic Violence, Assault, Felonies, Etc.

Prior to founding Salcido Law Firm with his brother, Chris practiced complex commercial and civil litigation with a law firm in Salt Lake City, focusing his practice on the representation of injured victims in personal injury and medical malpractice suits.

Chris’s past experience also includes the representation of small to large corporations as a corporate and business attorney. Chris has considerable experience and knowledge in the representation of ecommerce companies and start-ups. Since co-founding Salcido Law Firm, Chris has focused his practice in personal injury, criminal defense, bankruptcy, family law, and small business representation.

In addition to his legal practice, Chris has maintained a commitment to teaching legal and general education courses at colleges throughout Utah. Chris has taught college courses in American History; Philosophy; Logic & Critical Analysis; Humanities; Probate Administration & Estate Planning; and Evidence.

Chris is committed to giving back to the local community. Chris served as a member of the Utah Army National Guard for several years and is a decorated veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan. Chris offers pro bono services to veterans on a case by case basis. Chris personally aspires to 100 hours of pro bono service a year. Chris also supports his alma maters by offering reduced fees to students and alumni of the University of Utah and Utah Valley University.

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