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Ryan N. Holtan

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  • My husband is being charged with aggravated assault, and domestics violence.I'm not pressing charges or testify.

    What can I do to help my husbans case,the juge ordered a no contact order, what can do to drop the order,my husband is our sole provider, we have a child who has heath problems, my husband has no criminal back ground, we have never had any problem...

    Ryan’s Answer

    Unfortunately once a case is in the hands of the police and prosecutors they can and most often will continue to pursue charges against your wishes. However, you have rights as a spouse and in the majority of these cases the prosecution cannot convict your husband without your testimony. They will try and pressure you to testify but you can invoke what is known as "Spousal Privilege" which is your right as a spouse to refuse to testify against your husband. Consult a lawyer immediately for the details of how to invoke your Spousal Privilege before you can be bullied further. Once the case is dropped the no contact order will be as well.

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