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Peter C. Sisson

Peter Sisson’s Legal Guides

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  • Free E-Courses Medicaid Planning, Estate Planning and Alzheimer's Planning

    Sisson & Sisson Articles FREE EDUCATIONAL E-COURSES Sign me up for your FREE MEDICAID E-COURSE at Don't Go Broke in a Nursing Home! When someone you love has long term care needs, the costs can be overwhelming. Skilled nursing care can range ...

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  • 9 Steps to Peace of Mind for Alzheimer's Families

    Consider the following questions to determine whether you need to be seriously concerned about Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia and its affects on your family: 1. Do you have a spouse or parent who is frequently exhibiting signs of memory loss? 2. Do you have a spouse o...

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  • The Nuts and Bolts Guide to Veterans' Benefits

    An introductory tour of the Special Monthly Pension available for Wartime veterans and/or surviving spouses who are 65 or older OR permanently and totally disabled Most people think of veterans' benefits as being only for service men and women who were wounded or disabled while s...

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  • 10 Signs That Families Need Help

    10 Signs That Families Need Help Are you, your family members or clients, struggling to meet the needs of an elderly loved one during a chronic illness or disability? If you see one of these signs of distress, the family may benefit from a referral to Sisson and Sisson, The Eld...

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