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Fred Jay Lewis

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  • Is the amount I will ask Walmart for settlement a fair amount for what Ive gone through?

    I filed a complaint against Walmart's denial of my workman comp claim. I developed Plantar fasiitis in my right foot due to management changing the mats that the cashiers stand on. I had never had any problems with my foot before then. Their lawye...

    Fred’s Answer

    You may have a wrongful termination claim and an ADA(Americans with Disabilities Act) claim in addition to your workers' compensation claim. I would start with an experienced work comp lawyer. This not a DYI area of the law. You will leave money on the table if you don't consult a lawyer to at least take a quick look at the settlement offer.

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  • Settlement for neck fusion surgery have not lost wages because am paid salary

    I am approx 18 months out from injury have saw many Dr's. Finally had enhanced mri with dye, Dr states surgery now. Have never had a major injury feel if they would have taken action sooner wouldn't be having surgery have had two wrk comp represen...

    Fred’s Answer

    Sounds like your accident caused an injury to your spine. A surgery may leave you with restrictions which could make it difficult for you to continue in your present job. Your surgeon will need to offer opinions to support your case. If you were hurt on the job in Idaho it is always best to consult with an experienced Idaho workers' compensation lawyer early so you can know what benefits you are entitled to under the facts of the case. (Most experienced Idaho workers' compensation lawyers will answer your questions for free) The Idaho lawyer will also know your surgeon and be able to tell you if your surgeon will testify. Some local spinal surgeons will not testify in a work comp case. Be careful who does your surgery.

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