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Boggs v. City of Waterloo

Case Conclusion Date: 03.06.2013

Practice Area: Personal injury

Outcome: Jury Verdict of $13.67 Million

Description: Police officer ran a red light and struck my client, a young African-American 18 year old male, who was traveling through an intersection at 12:30 am taking his friends home from a party. Officer claimed that the light was green and that he was not the cause of the crash. Officer claimed client ran the red light. Client had blood alcohol of .125 and also the jury learned of marijuana metabolytes in client's system. Nevertheless, client maintained and science confirmed, that client had a green light. We downloaded the ECM "Black Box" from the officer's police car and also analyzed the traffic engineering on the traffic light signals. In doing so, we proved that the police officer ran the light and caused the crash. And that no matter how much the client had been drinking, the police had an obligation to follow traffic laws like any other citizen. Client was rendered a quadriplegic because of the crash.

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