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Tassma Ann Powers

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  • What is the legal age to leave home in wyoming

    the legal age to leave home in wyoming

    Tassma’s Answer

    The legal age for emancipation is 17 and requires you to go through the District Court process.

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  • Can an ex-wife be a beneficiary to her ex-husband's life insurance?

    I got divorced after being married for 32 years. My husband has 2 life insurance policies of which I am making the payments and he agreed to keep me as the beneficiary on them. My question is does he need to reinstate me as the beneficiary now t...

    Tassma’s Answer

    I am not entirely clear what your current relationship to the life insurance is. Owner? Current primary beneficiary. Generally, the life insurance company will pay benefits to the designated beneficiary. It will not care whether you are a current spouse. However, if you and your ex-husband had an agreement regarding the insurance as part of your divorce property settlement, then you should review it. This is a good question of how to preserve your rights and I encourage you to discuss with a local attorney.

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  • What steps do i take to get emancipated at age 16?

    I need to get out of my house... im constantly fighting with my parents and they are always hitting me . i feel that i would be safer away from this household.

    Tassma’s Answer

    Unfortunately, in Wyoming you need to be 17 in order to petition the District Court for emancipation. See

    Usually, the Court will have the paperwork that you need to request emancipation.

    However, if your parents are hitting you and you do not feel safe then you should contact the authorities. This concern is beyond the scope of emancipation and online advice The County Attorney or Department of Family Services should be able to assist you. I encourage you to contact an attorney in your community to address your concerns.

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