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Timothy Kingston’s reviews

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  • Beware Hiring Mr. Kingston

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Employment client

    Beware, do your research, and talk to other Lawyers before thinking about hiring Mr. Kingston.
    I hired Mr. KIngston regarding an employment case, provided him with ample evidence to support the case on my behalf, only to witness him blow it. Mr. Kingston failed to provide the proper communication, research, and follow up necessary to cinch an easy case.
    After hearing constant excuses from Mr. Kingston as to why he thought my case was hopeless, I fired him and hired a competent Attorney who was able to move forward and settle the case, and in a fraction of the time it took Mr. Kingston to whine about how he couldn't handle it.
    Beware Mr. Kingston's "representation".

  • Beware of Inadequate Representation

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Employment client

    I should have been immediately concerned with the fact that Mr. Kingston was completely unaware of the state statute that covered my particular case. I had to provide the specific statute to Mr. Kingston. Timothy Kingston showed a complete lack of competence and knowledge in the area of employment law, despite his supposed "expertise" in the field. Throughout the case Mr. Kingston never once even contacted the Attorney representing the defendants, and only contacted an HR Manager and then later a Risk Manager for the company, both of whom were able to completely out-strategize Mr. Kingston, despite his supposed knowledge of law and proceedings. He took the words of these individuals, despite the fact they were working for and fully supporting a company that was being investigated by the F.B.I. for fraud, and charged with fraud by the S.E.C.
    Not surprisingly these folks mislead and lied to Mr. Kingston on several occasions as well - further undermining the case I had laid out against them as Mr. Kingston failed to do any research into the case. After I brought suit against the defendants, they persuaded Mr. Kingston to stay that suit. When the opportunity arose for Mr. Kingston to obtain a default judgment against the defendants, they persuaded him not to pursue judgment when he had the opportunity, stating they would agree to settle at a later date, an agreement they then failed to honor.

    Mr. Kingston failed to keep me informed of the case, failed to return many of my phone calls and emails, and failed to stay on top of the progression of the case. Mr. Kingston had several conversations with the defendants and failed to inform me of those conversations, and the outcome of those conversations. Mr. Kingston failed to take the appropriate and necessary action in the case that would have helped me, but rather spent more time explaining to me why he couldn't do anything. Mr. Kingston failed to inform me of important timelines and court actions in the case. I eventually hired another Attorney that spent far less time just doing what needed to be done, than Mr. Kingston spent just making excuses as to why he couldn't or didn't want to do anything. The new Attorney spent a total of four hours on my case and was able to get me a settlement. Mr. Kingston spent over 40 hours making excuses and telling me why he couldn't do anything - and nearly jeopardized my case against the defendants with his lack of action and basic knowledge of law. My new Attorney spent most of her time undoing the damage that Mr. Kingston had caused in my case. He also later failed to provide her with necessary information regarding the case, information that would have made a big difference and information the new Attorney could have used to represent me even better.

    Mr. Kingston failed to show any justification for my original settlement offer to the defendants, and later failed to follow-up on the administrative process of the case. Both failures ended up costing me a lot of time and money at final settlement. My final settlement was greatly reduced due to the lack of action, follow-up and communication on the part of Mr. Kingston.

    Mr. Kingston failed to do a thorough job of noting and recording pertinent information that I had provided him throughout the case. Mr. Kingston failed to keep copies of important information I had given him. I was constantly reminding him of the facts and circumstances of the case, and he continued to charge me for those hours of his incompetent work.

    Please do your homework and research on Mr. Kingston before deciding to have him represent you. Check into the number of cases he has lost due to procedural and legal blunders. Check with other Attorney's and get second and third opinions before relying on the word of Mr. Kingston. Beware of his excessive blunders and incompetence - and other mistakes that may end up costing you thousands of dollars and tens of hours of frustration.