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Matthew C Clawson

Matthew Clawson’s Answers

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  • I have 50 50 cusdy but the mom is not obaying what can i do

    i am suppost to see my son but i dont get to cuz his mom dont drop him off an i got police document on it to prove that this ant the first time

    Matthew’s Answer

    You may want to hire an experienced family law attorney in Colorado Springs (El Paso County) to either file a Motion to Enforce the parenting plan or a contempt against other party.

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  • Common law marriage

    My husband had a common law marriage with a child born into that marriage before he met me. He never filed for divorce from that marriage and then married me with a legal marriage certificate. Do I have to file for a divorce or is our marriage n...

    Matthew’s Answer

    To establish a common law marriage several factors must be present. You should consult with an experienced Family Law attorney.

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  • No custody order, can I take my son out of the state on vacation for a couple days?

    The mother and I were never married. I am on the birth certificate, and pay child support. There is NO custody order. On our own we share time one week at a time with him. She has taken him out of state before and I am ok with it. She does not wan...

    Matthew’s Answer

    Yes, if there are no orders in place. However, to avoid confrontation you may want to file for Allocation of Parental Responsibility to establish a parenting plan.

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