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Joshua M Deere

Joshua Deere’s Legal Guides

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  • Fiancé Visas: The Visa of Love

    The Fiancé Visa (also known as the K-1 Visa) is a mechanism provided by the government that allows a U.S. citizen living within the United States to bring his or her non-citizen fiancé into the country for the purpose of getting married.

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  • Types of Relief Available in Deportation Cases

    This guide details the various types of defenses available in deportation cases, and explains the requirements for qualifying for each.

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  • What Does A Landlord Do When A Tenant Files Bankruptcy?

    When a tenant files bankruptcy, federal law provides protections against certain collection activities by the landlord, including eviction. A landlord must be aware of what actions are prohibited, and how to properly get around those protections so that the landlord can lawfully enforce the lease.

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  • The Effect of Prior Criminal Convictions in Colorado on the Ability to Possess a Firearm

    Colorado residents with criminal records are often surprised to discover just how much their prior convictions can affect their Second Amendment right to bear arms. This Guide will explore just how much those rights can be affected.

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  • How to Deal with a Hostile Tenant

    A landlord's guide for dealing with difficult tenants.

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