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Jennifer Lee Helland

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  • Do I have to pay alimony?

    Four children with my wife, ages 3, 4 (twins), and 6 years old. Married since 4 years. Living with her since 11 years. She has been home with the children since they were born. Do I have to pay alimony? If so, how much? I earn 300K/year. How ...

    Jennifer’s Answer

    There are a variety of factors that will be considered in an award of maintenance in Colorado. Generally, Colorado has a formula calculation regarding the duration and amount of maintenance you could be required to pay. This formula is a guideline and not a presumption so what you actually may be ordered to pay could be more or less depending on a variety of circumstances including and not limited to the educational level of your spouse, work history of your spouse ages of the children, and property awarded to each party. Given the level of stated income and the likelihood that there would be assets to also divide that may require more complex analysis I would highly encourage you to seek legal counsel or advice in your local jurisdiction.

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