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Gary Steven Craw

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  • Do I need a civil trial lawyer?

    recently bought a used car, as-is sale. was given false information that the car was inspected and ran well. turns out the inspection stickers were fake, and car needs serious amount of repairs in order to pass inspection.

    Gary’s Answer

    Buying something "as is" generally does not allow the seller to lie to you. If you can show the seller knew the car was not actually inspected, but told you it was, he can be liable in a civil suit for fraud, deceit or negligent misprepresentation. If you can further prove that the seller was actually involved in procuring and using fake inspection stickers, your case is much stronger. You may even be allowed to recover additional damages to punish such outrageous conduct. I'd take the inspection stickers to the motor vehicle department and show the stickers to them. Ask if they can verify whether or not this vehicle was inspected and whether the stickers are fake. Ask for their records on ownership and registration of the car before it was transferred to you. If you obtain further proof that the seller deceived you, you should seek a consultaton with a civil lawyer. As always, the value of the car is an big factor to consider in deciding whether or not a law suit is economically feasible. Good Luck.

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  • Will i go to jail? will ny insurance pay for damages to car

    I was hit from behind while i was stopped for a red light. the car pushed me into the car in front of me. I have a suspended license. What is the penalty? Jail, Citation, or what

    Gary’s Answer

    First, were you ticketed for Driving Under Suspension or a similar charge? If so, you need to call a criminal or traffic ticket attorney in your area.Many will give you a free consultation. I'm not a PA lawyer, but, in many states there is a required jail sentance for that violation, even in a situation like you described where the accident was clearly not your fault.
    So, if you were ticketed for driving with a suspended license, go to your yellow pages and find a criminal/traffic attorney in your area who will give you a free consultation. Then you will learn what penalty you face and whether or not jail is a possibility.
    Good Luck.

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  • Injured at work

    I work at a major retail store, and a few days ago I slipped and fell on a food spill that another employee spilled and failed to clean up or corner off the area right away. I have had serious back pain ever since and have been under my doctors c...

    Gary’s Answer

    If you were on the job when you slipped and fell, you're primary option is to make a workers compensation claim. In fact, in most states, a workers comp claim may be your only option. Workers compensation laws entitle you to help and benefits regardless of fault for on the job injuries. They generally cover needed medical care. They also provide you with partial replacement of the income you lose while you are required to be out of work because of an injury that happens on the job.

    If your doctor ordered you to remain off work, the best thing you can do is follow that advice. Look to your workers compensation insurance company to provide you with lost income benefits for the time you are required to be out of work.

    Most workers compensation laws require you to promptly report the incident. If you fail to do this, you may jeopardize your right to receive workers compensation benefits.

    You should find an attorney right away who specializes in workers compensation cases in your locale and get in to see him or her. To locate one try the Yellow Pages, do an internet search in your area at or, or call your local bar association and ask about their lawyer referral program and for names of workers compensation lawyers.

    Good Luck!

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  • Should I settle out of court if a dentist does not have malpractice insurance

    My 7 year old daughter was cut on the face while under gas sedation. The dentist was laughing and playing around with his assistant during the entire visit. I witness him throwing a needle around. I understand that at the month he cut my daught...

    Gary’s Answer

    Generally, you should not settle just because the doctor says he does not have malpractice insurance. It sound like you have a case and need more information on the value of the injury.
    A case is made up of 4 elements: fault, damages, causation and insurance. The first 3 are essential to a successful claim. Insurance is not. It sounds as if the dentist is at clearly at fault and can not deny it in your daughters case. Scarring on the face, particularly of a young lady, can be a life long issue. Of course, it depends on how the scar looks, its size and location. Its not clear from your posting where the large inner scar is and whether or not it is visible when your daughter smiles or yawns. It is clear that she has a small facial scar on the outside that warrants some level of damages. Cause is probably not a disputable issue as your daughter did not have the scar until she was under sedation in the dentist's chair. So, you have all the essential elements of a valid claim.
    Insurance just goes to whether the doctor is able to pay the claim.
    I advise you to see a local personal injury lawyer. Many will give you a free initial consultation. Bring your daughter and let the lawyer see her scars. He/she can give you a sense of the value of the damages from the scarring. He/she can tell you if a case should be brought or not. If he/she takes the case they can find out with certainty if the doctor had insurance or not.
    I would not be surprised if you find out that the doctor did have insurance and was not frank with you. There is often an incentive to see if an injured patient will settle for a modest amount outside of court, so the doctor does not have to report the injury to his insurance company, which could result in his paying increased premiums.
    Good Luck!

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