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W Harold Flowers Jr

W Harold Flowers’s reviews

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  • This Attorney Is A Bad Apple

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Personal Injury client

    I did a brief telephone interview with this attorney for a personal injury/product liability case. He asked about the MD's I'm seeing and pressured me to see the doctors he wanted me to see; apparently, Mr. Flowers knows which doctors can buttress a personal injury case. Perhaps Mr. Flowers' agenda is that his clients see doctors that can help his legal case but that isn't necessarily how I choose a doctor. My criteria when I choose a doctor is as follows: I want the best medical care possible; pure and simple. After literally three minutes on the phone he wanted to meet in his office and didn't want to hear anything further re: my case. My time is valuable - as is his - and so, my agenda was to convey a small but important piece of information re my unusual case to see if this is an area he is willing/able to work with. For some unknown reason, Mr. Flowers expressed extreme disdain with regard to my wish to convey further information on the phone, prior to making a trip to his office. The interview ended when Mr. Flowers made a shocking, derogatory remark, a remark one would expect from a primitive street hobo kind of person - not a professional. I strongly advise anyone and everyone to stay far away from this arrogant, disdainful lawyer. He's a bad apple.

  • Dishonest lawyer

    1.0 star

    Posted by Tiffany

    W Harold "Sonny" Flowers Jr. is still repeatedly billing me for over $3,000.00 I do not owe him or the firm. My father briefly knew Flowers from the CU Boulder Alumni. I was arrested for internet theft and my father hired Flowers, big mistake. Flowers did nothing, absolutely nothing. The $7,500.00 retainer fee he kept and has been repeatedly billing me for over a year now for an additional $3,400.00. Before the retainer fee of $7,500.00 ran out my father told Flowers at court that we were done and no more money would be given to him. Before that, I had gone to the DA and asked her for a public defender application. Flowers is asking for the same amount of money the DA was asking in restitution. Flowers did nothing for my criminal case even though he stated he was really good and could help me then Flowers later denied ever saying that to me.

  • Excellent Lawyer Provides Excellent Legal Counsel

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Facing Vehicular Manslaughter charges and much time incarcerated in a federal penitentiary, I was grateful to have Mr. Flowers represent me. The result of the case was an Alford Plea, probation, restitution, guilty pleas on D.U.I. and Reckless Driving, and three months in Boulder County Jail. Mr. Flowers was able keep the blood test from the hospital out of evidence and create reasonable doubt about the police work of the State Troopers. There was nothing that he failed to do. Every step of the way he demonstrated his knowledge of the law and precedents. He clearly explained our case and what possible outcomes we could expect. He was always accessible for communication. And I never had a doubt I could trust him. Mr. Flowers did the best possible job with my case, and I am thankful that I was fortunate enough to have him as my lawyer.