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Aaron Garth Norris

Aaron Norris’s Legal Guides

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  • A Quick Guide to Hearsay

    Client are often confused by the term "Hearsay." They know that there is definitely something improper about it, but they often misunderstand what it's legal definition is and what impact it might have on their case. The attached video is a simplified explination of hearsay that ...

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  • Pro Se and Plea: It Must Be A Good Deal If I’m Not Going To Jail… Or Maybe It Isn’t.

    There is a real possibility of jail... In Colorado, like most places, the first thing that scares the willies out of people when they are charged in a criminal case is the threat or the perceived thr

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  • Things to Know About Medical Marijuana in Colorado

    Medical Marijuana has No Meaning Under Federal Law and is Illegal. WARNING: MEDICAL MARIJUANA IS ILLEGAL UNDER FEDERAL LAW. While the voters in Colorado approved the use of medical marijuana in Colo

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  • So the DA Offered You a DJ&S (Deferred Judgment and Sentence)

    Understand A DJ&S Doesn’t Mean You Aren’t Pleading Guilty When you agree to accept a DJ&S, you are pleading guilty to whatever charge is in the paperwork. Let me repeat, you are admitting guilt to t

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  • How to Get the Most Out of Your Initial Consultation on a Criminal or Traffic Matter

    Bring All Your Paperwork In Try to bring in everything that has been given to you up to this point by any police officer, judge, clerk, DA or anyone else connected to the case. Having this paperwork

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  • Nine Things to Remember About Protection Orders in Domestic Violence Cases in Colorado

    The Basic Protective Order In Colorado, all protective orders have language restraining a defendant from harassing, molesting, intimidating, retaliating against or tampering with any witness or victi

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  • What to Do When You are Appearing in Court on a Summons

    Before You Even Get in the Courtroom Get a good night’s sleep before court. You will want to be on the top of your game when you arrive at court. You are going to be making big decisions today and

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  • 8 Things to Know About Domestic Violence Cases in Colorado

    Domestic Violence Can Be Any Crime It's commonly misunderstood that Domestic Violence charges mean that someone was violent during the events concerning the charge. In Colorado, "Domestic Violence"

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