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Mark Steven Cohen

Mark Cohen’s Legal Guides

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  • How To Write A Great Contract

    This Legal Guide explains how to draft a GREAT contract. Start With a Clear Title A good contract begins with an accurate title or caption. For example, "Horse Purchase Agreement" Include a Clear Intr

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  • Drafting a Great Arbitration or Mediation Clause for a Legal Document

    This guide explains how to draft a great arbitration and/or mediation clause for a legal document - one that avoids the problems I see in many of the documents I review for businesses and other lawyer

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  • What You Should Know Before You Testify

    WITNESSES ABBREVIATED GUIDE TO COURTROOM TESTIMONY CHAPTER 1 -- EVIDENCE AND TESTIMONY. Judges and juries decide facts based on evidence. Testimony is one form of evidence. There are other forms, e.g., documentary evidence and physical evidence. CHAPTER 2 CREDIBILITY. In ...

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  • How to Write in Plain English Instead of "Legalese"

    Have you ever seen the first paragraph of a Complaint filed in a lawsuit?They usually begin something like this: COMES NOW the Plaintiff herein, John Smith, by and through his undersigned counsel and the law firm of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy, P.C., and pursuant to the Colorado Rule...

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  • So You've Been Sued. Now What?

    A process server hands you a Summons and Complaint.You try to make sense of the Legalese and realize you (or your organization) have been sued.Now what? 1. DONT PANIC.Anyone who can pay the filing fee can file a lawsuit.It does not mean the suit has merit.The Clerk of the Cour...

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  • 10 Things to Consider Before Signing an Equipment Lease

    Define the Equipment and the Term Define the Equipment. What is being leased? It seems a simple question, but some machines can be equipped certain way to accomplish a specific objective. For exam

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  • Critical things to look for before signing a contract

    A checklist of key steps to perform before finalizing a contract.

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