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James A Thomas Jr

James Thomas’s Legal Guides

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  • Heavy Duty: More Liability Traps for Business Owners

    Modern limited liability business entities, namely corporations, were a key factor in the Industrial Revolution and America's emergence as a world economic leader. An investment of capital that risks only that capital, not the investor's other assets, has been at the heart of cap...

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  • Sometimes Dividing the Pie Makes it Bigger: Why Use Multiple Business Entities.

    Ive been trying to find a catchy description for the legal implications of the too common practice of mixing different lines of business and types of risks in a single business entity. Negative synergy, the whole being less than the sum of the parts, doesnt quite get it. Dumb is...

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  • The Chicken, the Egg and the Colonel. Three approaches to going into business.

    The first decision a prospective business owner makes is whether to start a business from scratch, buy a franchise, or buy an existing company. This is not a legal question, though there are legal issues that may influence you. Ultimately the question is about fit. Which approach...

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