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James J Keil Jr

James Keil’s reviews

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  • Pay for the best, forget the rest!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Randy

    Jim Keil has been in this business a long time and knows his stuff. My divorce case was contentious and my wife had very aggressive lawyers. I am a successful professional and an easy target. Jim knows when where to push in negotiations and saved my financial future from vicious attacks! Jim also cares about his billing habits. Some firms are interested in billing as many hours as they can. Jim is careful and prudent with his billing. I would wager that my total attorney cost was half what some other firms would charge. I was referred to Jim through friends and am glad I took their advice. One friend said, "When it comes to divorce, you have to pay for the best and forget the rest!" I'm glad I listened.

    Hired attorney
  • The ONLY Divorce Lawyer You Want Representing You!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Monica

    Jim has been representing me since January 2013, after I began my divorce
    case with two attorneys who were ill-equipped to handle an ex-husband like
    mine. He stepped in and quickly took control of a very complicated divorce.
    In his 31 years of practice, Jim told me he has never known a more
    vindictive ex-husband than mine. Although my ex has filed countless
    extensive motions, Jim has won every important motion in my divorce case.
    He is extremely thorough and very well-spoken in the courtroom, was superb
    in cross-examining my ex-husband, and prepared me very well for the witness
    stand. .

    He is extremely knowledgeable in divorce law, very trustworthy and guided me
    in how to move forward as quickly as possible in my divorce.

    He is well-known at the Jefferson County Courthouse, as well. I am most
    grateful for his expertise in all the court battles he has won for me. I
    wouldn't hesitate for a minute to highly recommend Jim to you. You won't be
    disappointed and you would never want him on the other side of the courtroom
    representing your ex.

  • Review of Jim Keil

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jeff

    I was a disillusioned divorced Dad when I hired Jim Keil. Because of the incompetence of the first attorney I had hired for my divorce, and my own ignorance to my rights and the entire process, I was saddled with what everyone I had spoken to said was the WORST child support and parenting agreement (for a Dad) anyone had ever heard of. I had divorced an attorney and felt trapped in the court's initial decision, thinking that I had no recourse and was stuck with the unfair and unreasonable financial and parenting plan agreement for life.
    After expressing the constant frustration of the arrangement to my therapist, it was suggested that I call Jim Keil. I felt, even though Jim was more expensive than the first attorney I had hired, the recommendation from my therapist was so effusive that I had to give it a shot. Well, the old saying "you get what you pay for" came into play right then. Hiring Jim was the best move I could have made in retrospect, I just wish I knew about him when I first needed a lawyer. Jim took my case, recognized the unfairness of the divorce settlement, and went to work on my behalf. For the first time, I felt that I had someone advocating for me who understood my position, knew the law, and who had the experience to handle it appropriately. Jim's professionalism and personality gave me confidence. He also spoke in "real" terms, so I could understand them, instead of the "lawyer speak" I'd been flummoxed by throughout the court process. He devised out a plan of action and kept me informed as to that plan every step of the way.
    Still, confidence and understanding doesn't necessarily win cases or change bad initial rulings. Jim's organization, preparation, and court savvy came through during the court hearing to review the child support agreement. He stated our case and why it wasn't fair or reasonable, brought out past court rulings that supported our position, and aggressively yet professionally questioned many of the positions the other side took during testimony.
    The judge saw it our way, and we won decisions on every important area of the dispute. Jim got the monthly child support payment dropped significantly, my share of the percentage I owe for education and medical costs dropped to a reasonable level, and got me right to claim one of my daughters as a deduction on my taxes. He made a bad situation much more fair and livable for me, which was exactly what I was hoping for when I hired him.
    I couldn't be happier that I hired Jim Keil.

  • For Difficult Cases - Keil Focuses on What is Important

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Wendy

    My experience with Jim Keil involved a difficult divorce including child custody issues as well as significant financial challenges. While Keil does have high hourly rates, his experience and litigation expertise are exceptional. He will be open and honest even during the most difficult discussions, but allow you the opportunity to make the best choices that will impact you long-term.

  • Difficult Custody Battle

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Perry

    This is my 4th time using Jim as my Lawyer. You need not look anywhere else this guy is amazing!
    Jim was put in an interesting spot as my girlfriend had missed her hearing on the parenting time and decision making for her child. Thus the courts awarded the father sole decision making and adopted his parenting plan. Jim was able to get the courts to re open the case, and get 75% of the attorneys fees awarded back to us. Jim was able to not only get joint decision making returned to us but also got a stipulation added to major decisions that greatly favor my girlfriend. These types of cases are very stressful and Jim did a great job of handling a VERY demanding case and overall getting us the parenting plan we wanted and some great stipulations. All while fighting an uphill battle against an already ordered case. He and his paralegal Susan are amazing.

  • Jim's expertise made all the difference

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Suzanne

    Mr. Keil was hired to represent me in a difficult divorce case. He had to navigate challenging circumstances including mental health, criminal charges, children's welfare and complicated personal asset division. I found Mr. Keil and his office staff to be very knowledgable about many aspects of Colorado law. He was able to represent my wishes and balance that with a sensible plan and took the appropriate time to explain the process to me, answer all my questions and really listen to my concerns. There were many opportunities for Jim to get flustered or frustrated with the opposing counsel and he handled the circumstances professionally and with a high level of integrity. That was very improtant to me. He offered thoughtful solutions and recommended other professionals that have been competent and professional in their roles.
    I felt that his billing was explained thoroughly and he billed fairly. I found his paralegal to be extraordinarily responsive and helpful. I would highly recommend Jim to anyone looking for an experienced, honest lawyer.

  • Very professional, knowledgable, reliable and responsible

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    My divorce case has been in a couple of aspects unique and complicated. Jim was able to handle every aspect with great integrity and clarity. He has been very reliable and supportive in my matter. He is very realistic with a great portion of common sense. He was truly representing my interests which the outcome of my case can only confirm.

  • Traffic Incident Representation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Perry

    I was facing a DUR, driving under restraint, and careless driving involving an accident. These are very serious accusations in the state of Colorado. Jim took over from the second I hired him and not only provided much needed knowledge, he also instilled a sense of comfort I needed to get me through to the court date. At court time Jim took over the entire process and was able to work with the District Attorney to get the entire case dismissed. Jim's knowledge and compassion for law is a rare combination and I am very grateful to have had the honor to have met and worked with him.

    William Perry Langer III

  • Are there enough stars for Jim Keil....I think not

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Danny

    Jim was brought on as counsel in a custody battle with my son's mom that began when she decided I could no longer have visitation with my young autistic son. With Jim's help I filed for an APR. I was then served with a ridiculous restraining order as revenge for filing the APR. Due to Jim's ability and legal prowess my wife and I were able to get the restraining order dismissed, regain visitation with my son, and we were ultimately awarded primary custodial care as well as sole decision making by the courts. I have no doubt that this was all due to the fact that I had retained Jim Keil and his staff. Jim was insightful, professional, and had an intricate knowledge of the inner workings at the Jefferson county courthouse. His ability to analyze my situation and create a winning strategy to apply in the courtroom was nothing short of amazing and was responsible for garnering us the results we we able to achieve. He truly is an incredibly gifted lawyer and a credit to his profession.

  • High integrity, compassion, and knowledge of law

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Catherine

    Jim Keil is an uncommon mix of intellect, knowledge, trustworthiness, and compassion. While this is a special combination for a human being, it is even more noteworthy for a family law attorney to possess all of these characteristics. My case was particularly complex, even for a seasoned attorney like Jim. However, I appreciated Jim's honesty, humanity, and flexibility in "getting the job done". My profession requires that I interface with a number of attorneys, and I can say from experience that Jim is in the highest tier when it comes to performance, and he is one of the finest human beings to walk the face of the earth. He works with a great paralegal and has a supportive office staff, as well.